Company Background

Elanar Construction Company was formed in September of 2002 by Ross M. Burns.  From its humble beginnings, Elanar Construction Co. has always been committed to customer service and craftsmanship.  In its infancy Elanar first focused on building parks and playgrounds for communities, school districts, developers and other community based organizations.  At the time Elanar Construction self-performed most facets of the construction process ranging from excavation to the landscaping.  In the past 7 years Elanar Construction Co. has experienced controlled growth by expanding its operations via general contracting and refining what we do best.  In recent years Elanar Construction Co. has been awarded, via the RPF process, pre-qualified general contracting status with the following agencies:  Chicago Park District, Chicago Public School, Public Building Commission of Chicago, and Cook County Forest Preserve.  ​

Where We Are Today

During the last 7 years Elanar has expanded into larger projects while at the same time refining what we do best.  We have divided the company into two separate divisions.  One division is the Park Division.  This division primarily focuses on building neighborhood, community, and campus parks for the various City of Chicago organizations as well as surrounding suburban municipalities.  This division excavates, installs playground equipment, small site concrete projects, and landscaping.  Other specialty trades such as carpentry, electric and plumbing are sub contracted to various certified partners of Elanar Construction Co. 

Our second division is the Heavy Civil division.  This division focuses on mass earthwork, site utility (storm sewer and water main), as well as storm water management projects.  This division was formed in 2014 and has grown substantially since its inception.  The typical projects this division works on are large ball fields, both natural and synthetic turfs, where grading tolerances can be as little as 0.25” for final grade. Also, storm water management projects via detention basin or mass earthwork, site utility installs, and specialty storm water detention vaults such as Storm Traps. 

At times both divisions could be working on the same project at the same time but for the most part they act as two separate entities.  Each division has a senior manager, project managers, site superintendents and field personnel.